When Shimano announced Cues component in 2023, I immediately requested Shimano its technical information but my request was refused.
Almost a year later, I purchased some and started using them.

What I have here are two cassettes and a rear derailleur.  CS-LG300-9 which is a 9 speed cassette with 11-36T, CS-LG300-10 which is a 10 speed cassette with 11-39T and RD-U6020-10 which is a rear derailleur with total capacity of 44T and max lowest sprocket is 39T.

You can refer to the compatibility here.  You can use these cassettes on HG spline.  They offer 9,10 & 11 speeds for sprockets and derailleur.  Single or double at front as a crankset. We only use the LINKGLIDE chain which is equivalent to HG11 speeds.  Basically, running 11 speed chain on 9-11 speed components. The concept of CUES is 3 times more durability and incredible shifting almost equal to the upper grade components with affordable price.  The target will be the one like myself who just wants to have a fun or ride everyday no matter if it rains, snows or what.  


I started using CUES 9s cassette and RD-M771 with THUMBSTER.  I use FC-M581 LX crankset with 42t narrow wide chain ring.  It is a one by 9 set up.  The only difference from the HG9s is 2t more with CUES9s.  While HG sprocket has 11-34t, CUES has 11-36t.  Also, the chain, HG9s chain and Linkglide11s chain.  I don't feel much difference from HG sprocket and HG9s chain but a little bit softer feeling in a way with HG set up than CUES set up.  That may come from its durability off the CUES set up.  

Then, I switched to CUES 10s cassette and RD-U6020.  THUMBSTER does not work for MTB10s, I can only shift 1-9s.  RD-M771 might work with 10s but not compatible for the 39t sprocket.  I feel it is stiffer with RD-U6020 for shifting.  I feel some distance when I shift mid range sprockets compared to RD-M771.  Both derailleurs are shadow.  The difference in size is obvious.  

Now switched back to CUES9s cassette.  With RD-U6020, I have to move Thumbster fully from the low to high sprockets shifting 9 speeds.  This does not happen with RD-M771.  With adjusting the bolts, RD-M771 travels more.  The cable pull with RD-U6020 is larger.  Again, more cable pull needed for shifting the mid range sprockets.   And the force of derailler is quite strong compared to RD-M771.  Means it is good for indexed shifting.  I can feel the larger jockey wheel makes pedaling easier.  I have only used them for a few month.  I am not sure about its durability yet.  Aesthetically, I prefer RD-M771 and I might switch back to RD-M771 with larger jockey wheels.  If CUES component lasts three times longer than other components as advertised, definitely an option for a user like myself who rides everyday and enjoys trail some time.  Also, having same chain for different speeds is also nice because we cannot use HG9s chain for 11s and vice versa. 

Some time later on, Shimano announced ESSA for 8s with HG chain.  Personally, I am more interested in the component.  They offer HG cassette with 11-40t and 11-45t.  I am glad that they leave HG chain in the market, but they might discontinue HG9s chain in the future.

I will keep it updated here for its durability.  Let's see.

Keep you safe and ride4fun!!



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