BYOBBL: Bring your old bike back to life by THUMBSTER

BYOBBL: Bring your old bike back to life by THUMBSTER

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We are FRXBL from Tokyo, Japan.  We are a new company producing this product called Thumbster.

My name is Ken IIZUKA.  Simply saying, I LOVE bikes, any kinds of bikes.  I love mountain, roadie, or vintage townie and etc.  I ride in the city or trails everyday for whatever it is necessary just like you, you all bicycle lovers. At last but not least, we ride for FUN

FRXBL LLCの飯塚と申します。私はこれまでにマウンテンバイク、ロードバイク、その他のヴィンテージ自転車を乗り継いできました。そして、自転車愛好家の皆様同様に今も毎日自転車で移動しております。自転車はあくまでも移動手段の一つではありますが、自転車に乗ることによって移動を楽しむことができます。

It all started out as my personal need back when I was restoring vintage bikes.  I had a hard time finding a decent shifter for each bike that I was restoring.  When it comes to shifting gears, I love those friction shifters.  I love the freedom of moving chain from the top gear to the low gear and the low to the top as needed.  Having said so, we would like to focus on "Everyday bike" here.  A kind of bikes that you ride on daily basis for any necessities.  You might be riding a brand new bike straight from a bike shop or a bike once owned by your parents or you might even build a bike for yourself.  I still ride my mountain bike that an older friend gave me back in the 90s.  That is my everyday bike or go-to bike, so to say.


The bicycle components have been updated as technology has advanced over the years.  For example, if you use today's high-end component, you should have 12 speed cassettes for rear and single or double for front.  Anything up to 8 speed cassettes is now low end components.  As you know, they once were high-end components 30 years ago.



We want to fill the gap of these 30 years.  Some bike parts even from 30 years ago still function nicely and they are mostly well-made.  They are easy to handle and maintain as well.  The problem here is getting harder to find those bike parts as some of them become vintage as they are not produced anymore.  It is always good to find/have vintage gears but not always for everyday bike because there is no replacement.  I would always have a difficulty finding decent shifters for each bike, as I mentioned, especially thumb shifters when I was building my bikes.  Some company offer thumb shifters but I find some of them too classy and some others pretty much the remake of the ones from the 90's.  I always thought that it would be best if we found a shifter that anyone can use for any kinds of bikes.  The shifters aesthetically and functionally work good on everyday bike.

この30年のギャップを埋められないだろうか? 30年前のパーツでも今だ現役で使えるものが多く、そして製品としても作りが良いものが多いことに気付かされます。とても丈夫で、メンテナンスも容易です。しかし、それらのパーツ類はヴィンテージとなり、一部のものは入手が困難となりつつあります。もちろんヴィンテージの魅力や楽しみもありますが、エブリデイバイクには向きません。全てが一点ものとなり、代替が利かないからです。今では現行品のサムシフターが利用可能ですが、機能面やデザイン面において合わない場合もあります。そこで、可能な限り車種を問わずに機能性やデザイン性に問題なくエブリデイバイクにできるシフターとは、との想いで開発致しました。

We only offer the right side because it has been a kind of trend having a single front drive lane.  It is called "One by," even 1 x 8 or 9.  I believe there should not be a problem only having one shifter for rear.  For all the lefties, please bear with me.  Myself writing this, I am lefty as well but just get used to it or I may try it upside-down on the left side like the Wishbone shifters from Suntour back in the 90s.  Well, I just hope these shifters would make your bike life a little better and longer.


Designed in Japan and manufactured in Taiwan

The shifter itself is made of Aluminum 6061 and weighs 84.5G.  It is designed to have a cable pull length of 27.7mm from top to low.  Please ask professionals about installment or do it on your own responsiblity.  The clamp size is for 22.2mm diameter which is mostly the one of flat or riser bar.  


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