FRXBL MART: SPLC Speed Lace System

FRXBL MART: SPLC Speed Lace System

これまでにさまざまなシューレースを使用しましたが、このSPLC スピードレースを愛用するようになりました。


We have a chance to sell the gears we use daily.  One of them is the SPLC Speed Lace System by NIFCO.  They are known for plastic buckles and other parts for backpacks  and etc in the outdoor industory.
I personally have used quite many laces and ended up using the SPLC for my shoes. I almost buy these laces when I buy a new pair of shoes.
As I am on bicycle almost everyday, having the shoelaces not loosening is the best option I can get with shoes. The 2mm diameter allow them for find adjustment. Easy installment compared to the quick lace system by another company.

Just replacing one pair that you wear the most with these laces makes it a lot easier to wear and take off your shoes. Also, good for a little kid having a problem with tying laces or young kids switching shoes for a certain occasion.

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